How Our Gardens Have Changed In The Last 50 Years

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It’s not just the fashion that has changed over the last 50 years. Our lives have changed quite dramatically over the last five decades, including how we design and use our gardens. Here are 5 ways gardens have changed over the years, from what we choose to plant to how we utilise our outdoor spaces. […]

10 Ways For Nurseries And Garden Centres To Improve Sales Right Now

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THE WORLD HAS CHANGED In a COVID-19 downturn, sales are more important than ever. It’s a challenge because less people are out and about and less people are spending their money. It’s also an opportunity, with people seeking better home office environments (both indoors and out) and using their spare time to improve their homes […]

Getting The Facts On Pollination

getting the facts on pollination

POLLINATION SEASON has begun. Hort Innovation is helping growers by determining key pollinators across a range of crops and providing pollination management recommendations to maximise yields. The research and development project – Strengthening and enabling effective pollination for Australia – is improving the understanding of pollination requirements of different crops. It is also looking at key threats to […]

Supporting Growers Coming Out Of The Covid 19 Crisis

supporting growers covid 19

FloraCulture International (FCI) is pleased to invite ornamentals growers from around the world to join a free webinar that will help you learn from the experience of others and define the right path for your own business as you recover from the business effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Taking place on Tuesday 30 June at 16:00 […]

Millennials Can’t Get Enough Of These Houseplants

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These green beauties can liven up a dull IG feed or a plain apartment. The best part? They are low-maintenance, too! It’s no secret that plants are delightful accents that can instantly liven up a big or small space. Given the rising popularity of succulents, indoor plants, and cacti over the years, it’s not surprising […]

Horticulture Industry Looks To The Future

horticulture industry looks to the future

A new survey of grower associations, by the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) and FloraCulture International (FCI), reveals nearly three-quarters (71%) believe that most growers will soon recover after this crisis. The positive response from so many of the 27 countries that participated is encouraging considering the bleak outlook highlighted in the previous survey […]