Ellenby Tree Farm Raise Money for Nepal Victims

What was the theme of your display at Perth Garden Festival, where you won the Gold Award?

"The Urban Forest", comparing four different gardens - the bare garden, the edible garden, the antipodeans garden and the exotic garden.

How did the idea of donating proceeds to Nepal victims come about?

My parents are very generous with their time and resources when it comes to helping those less fortunate then themselves. They are currently away in Peru doing some volunteer work, helping in construction in a village and teaching English for a few months. My father has been to the Everest base camp in Nepal and I know that he would know first hand what the devastation from something like this would cause to the community.

What was the reaction by visitors to PGF?

I had one lady just give me some money to add to the donation and many others tell us they were buying trees so that the money would get donated. I think the highlight was on Saturday when the announcement was made and people started clapping. I did not expect that reaction.

How much did you raise?

Around $10,000 will be donated to MSF.

Thank you to Craig Woodroffe and congratulations to the team at Ellenby Tree Farm on an awesome effort.