Don't Be A Victim

Minimising crime in small business

Small business owners can fall victim to crimes ranging from vandalism and retail theft, to robbery and online fraud, by unknown assailants, clients, customers, competition or even staff.

Ewatch is a free service designed to keep neighbourhoods safe, secure and vibrant and to provide the knowledge and information you need to keep your business safe from crime.

The program is administered by WA Police in collaboration with Neighbourhood Watch, with support from the WA Local Government Authority(WALGA) and Crimestoppers WA.

Crimes such as shoplifting and graffiti affect small businesses in Australia every day with shoplifting alone estimated to cost business owners more than $800 million annually.

Minimise the risk of crime in your business by:

Installing electronic security systems with duress alarms and cameras
Carefully planning your store/office layout, to include mirrors to increase visibility and well-positioned payment points.
Not keeping large amounts of cash on premises and keeping safes locked at all times.
Devising safety systems and processes and keeping them updated.
Providing staff training for emergencies.
Regularly reviewing crime-prevention strategies.
Keeping informed of crime trends in your neighbourhood.

Important Contact Numbers

  • Police assistance 131 444
  • Emergency 000
  • Emergency – mobile phone 112
  • Emergency – hearing impaired 106
  • Crimestoppers 1800 333 000
  • Goodbye Graffiti Hotline 1800 442 255
  • Community Engagement Division(08) 9222 1300