Be Safe During Lightning Storms

Following the tragic death of a man during one of our recent lightning storms, and the fact that many of our members and their employees spend so much time working outdoors, we thought we would remind everyone that safety is number one at the first sign of lightning.

How to Avoid Lightning

  • Stay indoors
  • When inside, keep away from doors, windows and fireplaces
  • Unplug electrical appliances, and do not touch electrical items or telephones during the storm
  • Do not take a bath (water is an electrical conductor)
  • If outside, get into a vehicle or building if possible
  • Do not stay in open spaces or under tall objects like trees or poles
  • If no shelter available, crouch down with your feet close together and head tucked down. If in a group, spread out ensuring people are several metres apart
  • If in a vehicle, stay in it with windows closed and avoid touching metal parts
  • Do not drive during an electrical storm, but don't park under trees or other tall objects that may fall

For more storm safety tips.