Waterwise Garden Centre News

One of the bad habits that business owners fall into is that they always follow the same trail through their garden centre; they forget to look at how everything looks through the eyes of their customers who wander around in loops and take in every little thing that is presented (good or bad!).

Today, go for a leisurely wander and look closely at your Waterwise signage and displays. Are your shelf wobblers displayed near products that are actually waterwise, or are they just confusing your customers because they are now with totally unrelated products because you’ve recently done a shelf re-lay? Are your signs now hidden by products and foliage and your brochure holder stuck in the back corner so that they are of no benefit to your customers anymore? If you’ve still got the flags, lucky you as there aren’t any more being printed so check that they are in good condition and you are using them along with your waterwise signage, to their fullest potential. Don’t forget, you might look silly walking backwards through your nursery but if it helps you see it from a different angle, it’s worth a few strange looks.

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