Grow Your Business in 6 Bold Steps

Growing your business is difficult. It takes time, discipline, and hard work — there are no shortcuts.

You need a structured, disciplined approach that you must consistently do each and every day. Here are some tips to help you achieve business growth:-

Pursue pleasure not money - enjoy what you do
Use micro-plans - plan for growth by focusing on what you need to achieve by the end of today or this week
Constantly innovate - businesses that keep doing the same thing, run the risk of being left behind when the market moves on
Pivot to change direction - until you find what works for your business
Repeat - the pursuit of business growth is a constant cycle and you must never stop re-evaluating and repeating the above steps
Keep an eye on the exit door - always plan to exit your business. The best time to sell, for the maximum sale price is when it’s growing, not when it’s declining. Time your exit strategy with care, when your business is expanding and not when it has plateaued or is in decline