John Ogilvie Ozscot Horticulture

When did you join the industry and what was your first job?

I started after I left school when I was 19; I went to Horticulture College in the east of Scotland. I was working in the winter pruning raspberry canes in minus 2° and realised that I needed to qualify to get to move to Australia.

joWhen your feet are numb and your fingers are barely able to move you soon want to make a change. When I was 21, I applied for a job that said Australian Opportunity and I thought to myself, 'that looks right for me.' The guy came over to Scotland to interview me and meet my family and then paid for my airfare to go and work at his nursery in Portsea, Victoria.

If you could invite one person (living or dead) to dinner, who would it be?

Steve Martin. People say I look like him. He would be a crazy character and you'd have lots of laughs.

Other than gardening, what is your favourite pastime?

Travelling (especially to Bali and the south-west), motorcycle riding which I have just taken up again after 29 years, and kayaking.

Who has been your biggest influence (work or life)?

Probably that guy who brought me over to Australia - he changed the direction of my life.

Somewhere you would like to visit?

I’d love to go to Canada, especially the Great Lakes and Winnipeg. I’m fascinated with the ice and the way the water freezes over. Hopefully my daughters will get to North America in their careers and I can go and visit them.

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