Plant Merchant - The New App To Help Nurseries

Nursery retailers and wholesalers have a lot to do. That’s no secret. From day to day work with the green life to management tasks like ordering, invoicing and inventory, and yes, it can get crazy.

That’s why some clever nursery workers, the team at Plant Merchant, have created an app for nursery workers. The whole idea is to save serious time and supercharge efficiency – time is, after all, money.

Plant Merchant is set to revolutionise the logistical processes of the industry, and it’s easy to use. Really easy. If you can use a smart phone, then you can benefit from the Plant Merchant app. In fact, its versatility is unmatched, allowing wholesalers to utilise their existing smartphone, tablet or desktop technology and manage orders from anywhere in the nursery! Moving stock, pruning or picking orders in the greenhouse? No problem, simply get out your phone right where you are to get an urgent job done. It’s really that good.

Plant Merchant is a direct business-to-business tool. In a nutshell, it links nurseries and their retailers, so nurseries can see all their retailers in the one easy place. They can literally “snap a photo” of their plants on their smartphone and upload them directly and instantly through the in-built camera. This is a feature no other green life technology tool offers to all retailers. The retailer can then view the seasonal photos of plants, place orders and track spending. It begs the question – how have we survived before? Plant Merchant utilises Cloud Storage – another exclusive feature - meaning the entire database is live, secure and infinite. The app’s creators really wanted to make life easier by automating the process of updating stock levels. Imagine not having to update stock levels manually! By doing so, they have seen a huge increase in productivity. With the launching of Plant Merchant, now everybody has access to this godsend.

Sounds good, so is it affordable? Well yes, that was the maker’s intent too. They wanted everyone to be able to afford the app. Plant Merchant has two types of value-packed subscriptions, one catering for small to medium nurseries and another for larger production operations (with features like unlimited ordering). It’s time to get off the old paper systems and start making nursery-life easier for you!

To find out more about available subscriptions, and how the Plant Merchant app can work for you, jump online at or call (02) 6681 5294. The team at Alchemy Innovations are happy to walk you through the features and benefits, plus, they’ll always be there to provide support.

This is a paid editorial and not an endorsement from NGIWA