How To Create Store Designs With High-Converting Displays

To have a successful retail outlet, one of the key sales metrics you're going to want to focus on is "sales per square meterage," which is the average revenue a retail business generates for every square metre of sales space.

Essentially, your "retail space" has to be your most productive and most efficient salesperson, and how you go about optimising your sales space for maximum revenue is to employ the art and science of visual merchandising. Although this requires some sense of aesthetic, it's also a science, which means that it's a tried and true method that has been studied with results to show for it, results that you can replicate and recreate for your own store.

Here are some brief points on how you can go about creating effective merchandising displays in your store that not only catch your target customer's attention but entice them to make a purchase as well.

  • Know who your customer is and tailor your displays to reflect their likes, lifestyle, age and demographic
  • Find some inspiration - with books, the internet (such as Pinterest) and even other stores
  • Remember your customers have FIVE senses - try to appeal to all
  • Show, don't tell - design your displays to reflect what your customers can achieve in their own gardens by offering them inspirational ideas. This is one easy way to 'up-sell'.
  • Group like with like (colour, price, size or type) - appeals to customers who are more likely to purchase more than one item
  • The rule of three - our eyes are most likely to keep moving and looking around when we’re looking at something asymmetrical rather than (boring and) balanced
  • Use lighting for mood and attention
  • Change it up - you will keep regular customers returning to your store if they are presented with new ideas and products each visit

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