Stock Waterwise Products and Plants

Stock Waterwise to help customers save this spring 

When the weather heats up so does the need for homeowners to be more waterwise in the garden. All garden centres can help their customers be more waterwise by stocking Waterwise Products and Plants.

There’s a large variety of Waterwise Products on the market including gardening products like mulches, soil enhancers and watering products including drip irrigation, rain sensors and greywater systems. All Waterwise Products come with the peace of mind that they’ve been rigorously tested to show they can reduce water use.

There are also many varieties of Waterwise Plants you can stock. Waterwise Plants come in all different types, heights, flowering colours and seasons and origins. All Waterwise Plants our adapted to the WA climate and flourish on our two day a week watering roster.

As all Waterwise Products and Plants display the Waterwise symbol remember to make the logo visible so it’s easy for customers to spot. Having the symbol clearly visible will give customers confidence they’re buying something that help them be more waterwise in the garden.

For Waterwise Garden Centres, promoting your Waterwise stock is even easier by placing a Waterwise shelf wobbler on the shelf. You will soon receive a new supply of these perfect for this purpose. To find out which plants are Waterwise visit

Contributed by Shannon Fleming, Water Corporation