NEW MEMBER: Fickle Prickles/SucculentART

Welcome to Kaye Close and daughter Dani of Fickle Prickles and SucculentART who have recently joined NGIWA.

Fickle Prickles is a Perth based cacti and succulent online store that began its journey in early 2009. It was developed through a passion and admiration of all cacti and succulents. What began as a part time hobby grew to an out of control addiction, and from there a business was born.

A family owned business, with a distinct aim to spread enthusiasm (and addiction) for these unusually gorgeous plants, Kaye and Dani wish to inspire creativity and to generate ideas for how to incorporate cacti and succulents in home d├ęcor and outdoor living. With decades of horticultural experience, they take pride in producing healthy plants that are grown to suit Western Australian conditions, using the latest hygienic growing techniques to ensure their stock is pest and disease free and of the best quality.

Fickle Prickles is purely an online store. They also produce succulents for Western Australian retail nurseries, florists and landscape designers under the brand name of SucculentART. You can visit for project ideas, tutorials and succulent care information, as well as a list of where you can buy SucculentART products.