Waldecks Garden Centres


  • Street: (Head Office) 9B Stretton Place
  • City: Balcatta
  • State: WA
  • Postcode: 6021


We grow our own and always have done, we believe this is the fairest way to guarantee quality and low prices.

Our new concept garden centre, pursuing a greener, environmentally friendly future for ourselves and generations to come.

We have two cafes located in our Stirling and Kingsley stores, offering a peaceful, relaxing garden environment with a stylish touch. Suitable for all ages and a great meeting point, serving locally sourced ingredients to make your meal that little bit special.

Waldecks is part of the city’s history, a long standing gardening institute that has been behind many great gardens within Perth and surrounding suburbs.

We are a changing company, heading towards a brighter future offering a more sustainable form of gardening with small gardens and high rise apartments in mind. Offering organic products for the concerned consumer, at last a way of avoiding the chemicals that have surely led to so many illnesses and damage to local environments. Products that have the consumer in mind, making gardening easy and do able for everyone, kids, families, couples, the novice gardener.

We specialise in garden advice, our knowledgeable staff are here to help you out, getting you on the right track, we have a friendly approachable team.

  • Waldecks Bentley
  • Waldecks Kingsley
  • Waldecks Melville
  • Waldecks Pinelake
  • Waldecks Stirling

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