Code Of Ethics

A member will support the Nursery & Garden Industry as a honourable and necessary profession.
A member will avoid all forms of business practices that would bring discredit to the Nursery & Garden Industry.
A member will observe the rules of the Association and strive always to enhance its public relations and objectives.
A member will practice the profession with fairness, competence, integrity and loyalty and use all knowledge, experience and skill for the benefits of the public, profession, employer, clients, associates and employees.
A member shall unreservedly promote unity, good fellowship and greater endeavour within the Association, for the benefit of all.
A member shall unreservedly strive constantly to improve our qualifications and proficiency in the industry and thereby merit the esteem of our peers and others.
A member shall unreservedly give full and truthful representation in all sales and services rendered to advertising of such.
A member shall unreservedly be gracious in our dealings with others and satisfy totally the needs of our clients.
A member will promote and assist in any way possible the greening of Australia and the preservation and reproduction of our flora.
A member will adopt, where possible, Best Practice and Codes of Practice to reduce the use of chemicals and protects the environment.
A member shall comply with the requirements of the Trade Practices Act.
As an employer a member must adhere to the legislation governing both Equal Opportunity and Sexual Harassment.